Cold and aloof, Yue was born under and wields the power of the moon. He owes his life to his Master Clow, and has sworn to protect him at all costs. But when his master wanders to other worlds, Yue's job becomes much more difficult.


8th level, warlock6, soulknife2

HP- 80 BAB- 6/1 AC- 25

STR 11 DEX 17 CON 17 INT 15 WIS 21 CHA 11

Saves: Fort- 5 Ref- 8 Will- 13

Skills- 60

Feats- 4 (plus Weapon Focus[mind blade], Wild Talent) Zen Archery, Flyby Attack, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot

Class Abilities

Eldritch 3d6—Detect magic @ will—Damage Reduction 1/cold iron—Deceive Item—Mind Blade—Throw Mindblade

Flavored Regular
Illumination See the Unseen
Ice Strike Hideous Blow
Wards Entropic Warding
Moonbeams Eldritch Spear
Leaps and Bounds
Wings Fell Flight

Important: Has permanent telepathic link with Clow Reed


Age- 20

Height- 183cm (6’)

Weight- 62.6kg (138lbs)

Pale skin, white hair, ice blue eyes, left handed

Alignment- Lawful neutral

Languages Spoken: English, Chinese (Cantonese), Latin, Draconic

When Clow Reed was ten years old, he sought to create two companions for himself. So on a Monday winter solstice, by the side of a lake deep in the woods on a full moon night at exactly midnight, he brought together moonstone, a coil of silver, white sandalwood, a white dove and the feather of a snowy owl; and with solemn meditation and chanting, created Yue through a feat of awesome magic. Since then, Yue has considered Clow Reed his master and will protect him through anything. His devotion to Clow is nearly blinding, and consumes every aspect of his life.

Born under (and indeed, some would say part of) the moon, his energy is tied to Her energies. When She wanes, his power wanes; when She waxes, his power waxes—he is at his strongest when She is full, and weakest when She is dark. He’s aware of the potential danger of having such a connection, and takes great care to conceal this information from others (although both his master Clow and his ‘brother’ Kerberos know full well). Looking at things from a Daoist viewpoint, Yue is the physical embodiment of Yin (minus the female aspect, which was an oversight on Clow’s part.)

Thanks to their widely different personalities, Yue and Kerberos don’t often get along well, each occasionally making snide comments about the other. However, they immediately put aside their sibling rivalry if Clow’s in danger. Truly, their love and devotion for Clow is the probably the only thing on which they’ll ever fully agree.


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