Clow Reed

By combining his mother's Chinese style with his father's English style, Clow Reed created his own unique magic, enabling him to become his world's most powerful magician. But now that he's stumbled into other worlds, that might no longer be true.


10th level, wizard5/cleric1/geometer4

HP- 84 BAB- 5 AC- 24

STR- 10 DEX- 13 CON-13 (+4, 17) INT- 18 WIS- 16 CHA- 14

Saves Fort- 7 Ref- 4 Will- 13

Skills- 91

Domains: Magic, Trickery

Feats- 7 (and bonus- Scribe Scroll) Leadership; Improved Cohorts; Craft Wondrous Item; Vatic Gaze [detect magic @ will]; Improved Counterspell; Spell Penetration

Class Abilities

Summon Familiar— Turn Undead— Draw Spellglyph— Book of Geometry— Sigilsight— Pass Sigil

Spells Per Day Bonus Spells
4/3 0
4/1 2/1
4 1
3 1
2 1
1 1

Spells Known- all cantrips, nine 1st, four 2nd, four 3rd, four 4th, two 5th

1st- Protection from 3V!7, Magic Missile, Alarm, Disguise Self, Unseen Servant, Sleep, Erase, True Strike, Charm Person, Shield, Enlarge Person

2nd- Arcane Lock, Knock, Invisibility, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Bull’s Strength

3rd- Dispel Magic, Explosive Runes, Tongues, Fireball, Glyph of Warding

4th- Rary’s Mnemonic Enhancer, Scrying, Dimension Door, Bestow Curse, Ice Storm

5th- Permanency, Rary’s Telepathic Bond, Leomund’s Secret Chest, Teleport

Important -Has a permanent telepathic bond with Yue and Kerberos

Glyphs prepared:

1st/25g—Sleep, Erase, Charm Person (25g)

2nd/50g—Invisibility, Hideous Laughter (100g)

3rd/75g—Dispel Magic, Fireball, Glyph of Warding (225g)

4th/100g—Dimension Door, Bestow Curse (200g)

5th/125g—Teleport (125g)


Age- 30

Height- 163cm (5’4”)

Weight- 52.2kg (115lbs)

Pale skin, black hair, grey eyes, left handed

Alignment- Neutral good

Languages Spoken: English, Chinese (Cantonese), Japanese, French, Latin, Draconic

Spellbook is red leather with gold bindings, embossed with a golden sun on the front, a silver moon on the back, and Clow’s personal circle on the spine. The spellbook is sealed and can only be opened via Clow’s circle.

Born around the turn of the 20th century into a family of magicians, Clow Reed grew up with a love of and talent for magic. Schooled in both Eastern and Western styles from a young age, Clow began experimenting with magic, leading him to create a personal style unique unto himself. Cursed with the gift of prophecy, Clow occasionally received unbidden and uncontrollable visions of the future, not all of them serious. The gift has caused him to shy away from most people, unwilling to form close friendships with people whose death he’s very likely to foresee. He’s not alone however; through an amazing act of magic, he created two sentient guardians to act as companions: an intelligent winged lion named Kerberos, and a winged humanoid named Yue.

Clow’s fascination with magic drives him to research spells and magical phenomena with an unmatched passion, never passing up an opportunity to learn a new spell or technique. Personality-wise, he appears calm and reserved, although he has mischievous side. His lips are tilted in a perpetual little smile, as though he’s in on some grand cosmic joke.

His plan is to eventually hand down his magic to people who would use and protect it while meeting all of his qualifications; of course, due to the nature of his magic and his personal requirements, few people are likely qualify. He has in his mind an idea for a magical item of awesome power, but has yet to bring the thought to fruition.

Clow Reed

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