Sometimes egotistcal but always energic, Kerberos was born under and wields the power of the Sun. He owes his life to his Master Clow, and has sworn to protect him at all costs. But when his master wanders to other worlds, the novelty might distract him


8th level warlock

HP- 59 BAB-9/1 AC- 21

STR 21 DEX 17 CON 19 INT 13 WIS 12 CHA 10

Saves: Fort- 10 Ref- 9 Will- 8

Skills: 33

Feats: 4 [Alertness, Run] Flyby Attack, Greater Flyby Attack, Power Attack

Class Abilities Eldritch blast 4d6-Invocations-Damage reduction 2/cold iron-Detect magic at will-Deceive item—Fiendish resilience 1



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