The Cage Door Left Ajar

Today i stormed the ashen fields

Good times

Interesting day, instead of taking out a white dragon nest that was rumored to have some cool things, i ended up in some city. Then i got teleported to some other place with creepy figures. Met some kind of fancy caster, an uptight angel and the coolest lion i ever met. Went through a maze, into another one. Met a creepy lady who did creepy things and hurt the caster called “Clow”.

Clow is interesting, he likes to write things down and a lot of stuff is fascinating to him and me. So we somehow end up in hell and kill a big bison thingy plus some rat men. Clow got hurt again. So we go down a path and it lead us to some skull tower. it was creepy and long story short, clow got his finger bitten off. so now there was more talking and i ended up listening to my Music crystal(which has been acting weird) with the lion. So we end up finding a dragon carcass and its gonna make some cool magic items. now we ended up on a beach and i’m just chillen out on the top of the skull. Good times.



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