The Cage Door Left Ajar

Beyond the Closet Door

The Travel Log of One, Clow Reed, Mage and Master of Two, Recording His Travels Through the Extended Universes and Dimensions There Within, and Documenting His Discovery and Synthesis of the Magickal Systems Used By the Native Peoples Thereof

September 23st, 1923 (note- still need to determine equivalents between local calendars and Gregorian!)

Well, that’s vaguely embarrassing. I fell asleep while writing last night. Yue and Kerberos have seen that before, nothing new to them. But I turn faintly pink when I consider that the monk Ken-who shares the same strict self-discipline as the Shaolin-might have seen me in such a state…

I slept well though, later than perhaps necessary, but I’m not displeased. What I am displeased about is my hand. When I inspected the exposed knuckle joint yesterday, I noticed what looked like fragments of the maze vine just below the skin. I suspect it’s some sort of side-effect from the inscription Puzzlewell gave me, especially now that I know she is powerful enough to throw open the doors to all of Sigil. The vines are… worrisome.


After breakfast we determined our course of action. Sigil is within view, far off in the distance, probably a good eight hundred kilometers or so; however, it has no walls or gates or windows, which makes getting back in rather difficult. According to the guide I hired briefly (and normally I avoid guides, finding them to be almost universally scoundrels out for one’s money with little useful information, but Sigil is so far outside my range of experience that I felt it a prudent measure), there are these so-called ‘port towns’ which serve as entry points into Sigil via a permanent teleportation system—remember! notes on system, applications back home? connection between Reed estate and Li mansion? Unfortunately, it will take several days’ travel, over water; Kerberos is overjoyed. Having no boat, we are attempting to convert the dragon corpse, as we’ve no better use for it. Ken is proving to be invaluable, although I have a sneaking suspicion that Yue’s beginning to view him as a threat, although to what I haven’t the foggiest. His wings keep fluffing defensively whenever he’s around the monk; at first I thought perhaps it was Ken’s personality (he is very similar to Kerberos, at least they’re getting along swimmingly, and heavens know that Sun and Moon get on like water and oil), but Yue doesn’t react the same way around Kero. IF this continues, I’ll probably have to speak with him on the matter.

Right now though we have to figure out a way to get our dragon-boat out to—

[Here the narration abruptly breaks off into scribbled notes and diagrams of an arcane nature, scribed in languages unknown to the editor and other such knowledgeable persons. The notes have been place in Appendix A: Arcane Asides, as a point of interest.]

Ha! I absolutely love it when that happens! Arcane insight, magical inspiration- I slipped on what looked like a type of jellyfish and realized that if the dragon-boat could be coated in some sort of lubricant, like oil, it could be pushed into the water with little difficulty.

So now our journey is underway. Yue, Kerberos, and Ken have all sided against me, so my movement has been restricted to the crow’s nest for ‘my own safety’ apparently. I tell you, all this rocking, I shall be sick.

Let us see if I can’t speed this trip up a tad…

[The next several pages are dedicated to more arcane notes, some struck through and blotted out. The editor also humorously points out the scorch marks and soot obscuring good parts of the narration in the original manuscript. Again, the arcane muses can be found in Appendix A.]

We l, that’s unple sa t. The vine se ms to react to gic in r ther concerning fas on. It s ext nded itsel to about le th of fir di it, ro ghly in the shap of or g nal nger. Moveme is s iff, but n imp sibl. I need to fi a he l r quic y. In th eantim I wil c ntinue conc ling th s from the others.

[Here the soot marks end.]

I saw a dinosaur today! Unbelievable! It was a pleasiasaur, sea-based; I think it mistook our dragon-boat for a threat, because it attacked us. The initial assault threw me from the crow’s nest (Ha! I knew it would not assure my safety!) but Yue caught me with ease. From my place in his arms, I threw a fireball at the beast, instinctively using my left hand despite my injury. Ken and Kerberos laid waste to the thing, killing it rather quickly (Yue returned me to the ship in order to direct eye shots with his energy bow), but not before the creature swallowed Ken whole. To our surprise and relief, he reappeared at the water’s surface shortly after, relatively unscathed.

And then I noticed something unsettling. On the head Ken dragged up with him, growing from the dying embers of the fireball was the maze vine. And the corresponding fragment has also grown significantly, to about the length of a finger. This does not bode well at all…



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