'Ello there, berk. You look lost as a gear-boxer afloat in Limbo, you do. Don't tell me – yer' a primer, right? Traveler from the 'real world'? Well I'll let you in on the chant, and this one's 'fer free: it ain't the 'real world'. Jus' a world like any other; this is the cage. Sigil. The city of doors. The Lady's domain. And it's riddled wit' portals, leading to everywhere ye' could imagine. A berking primer like yer'self is like to get himself writ in the dead book right quick… 'less you've got a guide. And if you've got the jink, I myself would be happy to take it from ye' in exchange for an informative jaunt around this barmy ring of ours.

 Things 'ave been crazy lately – portals opening all over. And the chant is, some of the powers 'emselves 'ave gone and gotten offed.

So what'll it be, basher?


Sigil, the city of doors at the center of the multiverse, has been opened to travelers from every epoch of every world, and the power of each world's pantheon is up for grabs. From what world do you hail, and what mark will you leave on the multiverse?

  • PCs can come from anywhere and everywhere, from the official campaign settings of D&D, to different and alternate places and times on Earth, to fictional settings in movies, games, and literature.
  • The multiverse has been thrown into a state of flux, and all the great powers are up for grabs, up to and including godhood.
  • PCs start at ECL/Level 10. Virtually any source is open to the players, but please work with both the DM and fellow players to craft a character that will mesh well with the party and the world (though some eccentricities are to be expected, given the nature of the campaign).
  • The style and feel of the campaign is that of serious, world-shattering events on an overarching scale, with swashbuckling, action and light-hearted banter in between such serious business.
  • Player-characters and players alike should come in with objectives in mind – while there is a larger story going on, much of it will be player-drive. The stakes have never been higher – aim for lofty goals!
  • Some House Rules are used, please familiarize yourselves with them.

The Cage Door Left Ajar

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